• Global awareness of environmental issues is gathering pace with consumers making informed choices and governments seeking to impose regulations on industry to adopt resource efficient and “green” technologies.
  • Delam’s system provides the ability for the building industry to adopt “closed loop” recycling with regard to laminated glass.
  • Delam’s technology is the only system that allows for the complete separation of glass from interlayer resulting in the 100% recyclability of both components and eliminating the need to send laminate to landfill.
  • When there is nothing wrong with the glass panels, being able to delaminate for re-use eliminates the requirement to re-make the glass providing further environmental benefits.
  • Adoption of Delam’s system allows a laminator to offer a complete recycling service for their product and promote its “resource efficient” credentials.
  • If recycled glass is used to make new glass, the energy and materials consumed are greatly reduced.
  • This converts a cost (for disposing of defective glass) into an income for the recovered interlayer and glass cullet.
  • After accounting for transport and processing every tonne of glass recycled saves 315kg of CO2 and 1.2 tonnes of raw materials. SOURCE: “Zero Waste”