Delam System

What a delaminating device offers the laminator

  • The delaminating system is an invaluable tool when laminating problems occur and delivery times are critical to the client.
  • The delaminating process is very efficient and can take as little as five minutes to complete depending on the size and thickness of the glass – considerably less time and energy than a complete reprocess would take.
  • In the event of a scratch or defect on one side only of the laminate, only one new piece of glass needs to be reprocessed as the other undamaged piece can be salvaged for re-use.
  • Profit margins are impacted to a lesser extent by recovering the glass components.
  • Having a delaminating system as a back-up process, the need for expensive bagging is potentially reduced.
  • PVB and other interlayer types recovered from the process are free of any glass contamination and can be sold to companies that collect and recycle interlayers.
  • In the event of a recovered custom laminate, factory or resource planning is impacted to a lesser extent and the factory is more efficient. Delaminating and re-claiming components increases yield.
  • Machine maintenance, wear and tear is minimised, thereby reducing costs.
  • Glazing companies that you supply will be grateful that you have a back up process in house to minimise delivery times in the event of a faulty laminate.