Revolutionary New Technology For The Separation Of Laminated Glass

Welcome to Delaminating Resources (“Delam”)

Delam has developed a new, patented system for the delamination of laminated glass allowing for the re-lamination of the glass panels and/or recycling of completely pure glass and interlayer waste streams.

Delam has proven the process through the successful delamination of a range of glass and interlayer types including curved glass (eg. automotive windshields).

This system allows laminated glass producers to significantly improve their operating efficiency and profitability whilst delivering substantial customer service and environmental benefits.

The system allows glass recyclers to offer a disposal solution that generates pure and valuable waste streams and send zero material to landfill.

Delam is targeting four principal sectors within the laminated value chain:

1.  High-end Custom Laminators –  where the ability to recover high-value-added processed glass components for re-use rather than disposal is a key unmet market need

2. Stock Laminators looking for immediate on-site recovery of pure waste streams from faulty laminated product

3. Recyclers of Architectural Laminated Glass

4. Recyclers of Vehicle Glass

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Delaminating Technology now available

Benefits of using a delaminating device


The delaminating process is very efficient and can take as little as five minutes to complete depending on the size and thickness of the glass.


Removal of the PVB/SGP interlayer from the glass material results in 100% recycling of interlayer material and either re-use or recycling of the glass material.


Delaminating technology has potential to increase profit, improve efficiencies and help to protect the environment by reducing landfill and associated waste management charges.